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Dr. Bedros Afeyan ( is the editor of The Literary Groong. He will consider works not only of poetry, but also of short creative fiction. Quality of language, song and images, and excellence of translation are all crucial to the aesthetic value of any work under consideration. All submissions must be sent electronically to and cc'd to The editor will indicate if a piece will appear. Once an item has been published on our site we will not remove it except at our discretion. The author may submit a piece sent to the TLG to other publications at any time, We do not try to prevent wider circulation of works.

We hope that we will have an opportunity to promote quality works that will shine as beacons for the next generation of writers who take up pen and thought, express themselves, share their inner worlds and live as passionate Armenians within the creative arena. The publication rate will be no more than once weekly limited only by the quality of the pieces available. So please send in good works often!

Groong thanks Grish Davtian, who proposed The Literary Groong as a regular column on Groong, and led it from its inception in 2001 until the end of 2008. Thank you Grish, for eight years of consistent leadership much appreciated by our readers.

Mr. Davtian has published three books of his poetries in Armenian, and one book in English. He is the president of the Armenian Writers Association of California. AWAOC has monthly literary meetings at the Glendale Public Library, Glendale, CA, sponsored by the library. Mr. Davtian can be reached at

Please note the following important guidelines to submit your work to The Literary Groong: © Copyright 2009, Armenian News Network / Groong, all rights reserved.
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