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The Literary Groong - 06/13/2009

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	by Anahit Haroutiunyan
	translated by Diana Der-Hovanessian

        The wind is knocking at the door
	shaking glass and window sill.
	Let me open it to try
	keeping that wild wind still.
	Oh, fine. The wind is inside now
	mixing papers, letters, lists
	with my poems on the desk
	stirring them hand over fist.
	Well. Let them blow away. All
	blow, outside the door,
	all mismatched and mis-marked
	perhaps to be seen no more.
	Okay, as long as work itself survives.
	Okay, as long as a tomorrow arrives.

Anahid Haroutiunyan was born in Artsakh, Karabakh and lives now in
Yerevan, Armenia. Diana Der-Hovanessian is a widely published American
writer who lives in the Boston area.

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