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The Literary Groong - 09/02/2006

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	by Shushan Avagyan

	Trey Ellis would probably call me a `cultural mulatto,' and you'd probably agree;
	America is not the dream, it's where you sober up (with a bad hangover) and get (de)
	familiarized to the color of your skin. But sitting here on Baghramian Ave., squinting
	my eyes at couples perched at their tables I wonder if they ever think of their `next bold
	move' and if (my) morbidity ever discomforts them. Trapped in the sky, like Lucine
	Zakarian's krounk, always homebound and always lost on the way, I'm building
	a nest in each port. Staying in one place has become a sore. `Perpetrating counter-
	culture' has grown into a bad habit. But this, of course, you already know.

Shushan Avagyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia. She is currently working
on her doctoral degree in English Studies, and is a recipient of the
Dalkey Archive Press fellowship at the Illinois State University. She
is the author of `Girk-anvernagir' (Yerevan, 2006).

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