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The Literary Groong - May 15, 2004

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	by Diana Der Hovanessian

	The rain, a green mask over Storrow Drive;
	the night, making a Rambrandt portrait of your face;
	the river, dark enough to be another lane;
	you, on the driver's side;
	I, beside you, mis-reading signs.
	Was it last night? Last year? Last week?

	I was playing Mother, saying:
	fasten your seatbelt
	hoping you'd repeat the same to me.

	You explained: Accidents happen
	too fast for preparation.
	Enjoy the direction.
	Goals are what we need.

	Too dark to part the autos from momentum;
	too shadowy to know if you smiled;
	the wheels made another road
	between the vehicle and street.

	We were a bridgehead,
	a moving island, safe
	but temporal
	transient on Storrow Drive.

Diana Der Hovanessian is a Fulbright professor of American literature
at Yerevan State University in 1994 and 1999, she is author of 17
books and has published in American Scholar, Poetry, Harvard Review,
Nation, Paris Review, New Republic, and her poetry is regularly
published in the Christian Science Monitor. She has awards from the
Columbia Translation Center, P.E.N., Writers Union of America, and the
Writers Union of Armenia.

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