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The Literary Groong - 08/20/2011

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    by Silva Zanoyan Merjanian

    On a doorstep sits a aging glance 
    drummed with two stretched shopping bags
    Cat licked stringed morsels, forgotten regrets

    Her gaze barely ever rises
    above the knees of passers by
    never stretching, pretending, striving
    wading through decaying mud
    baths of laughter from hurried lives

    sometimes her eyes do meet their stares
    past innocent chirping children, leashed parents
    who bare venom doused contempt, no pocket change

    we should sit as one and make of it a day, you and I
    tell me of children you bore, perhaps were forced to gave away

    I will listen on your doorstep, simmered, reduced
    not to conceal nature's naked spools 
    Tell me songs of lovers you outwore

    let there be magic in a communion
    but tell me first, were there husbands
    or just the lust of drunken men
    tell me again
    did love lead you past abstraction

    tell me what to look for in signé shopping bags 
    fluttering by, past centuries and hooves
    catching chic frills draped in Parisian sky

    Silva Zanoyan Merjanian 

Silva Zanoyan Merjanian is a 1980 graduate of Haigazian College in
Beirut Lebanon and lives in Orange County, CA. She has raised two sons
and has begun writing poetry only recently.

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