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The Literary Groong - 04/04/2009

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	By Hrant Alexanian

	Sated enough with love and pain
	A girl is walking in the rain
	Through the last alley of a relationship.

	No urgent call will bring her back,
	She negates return to our time and tests,
	And the girl takes with her
	The last threaded spine of a relationship 
	The light echo of her name marches
	In drunk, forgetful painlessness.

	I call out to her to insist
	Girl, take with you without regret
	my solidarity as a flower.

Hrant Alexanian was born in 1961. He's the Daniel Varoushan prize's
laurate of Armenia's council of writers. The published books in
Armenian are: Life giving field (1989, Yerevan) Celebration (1991,
Stepanakert) Summer in Amaras (childish, 1991, Yerevan) Roses revolt
(1994, Stepanakert) Symmetry of fall (1996, Jerevan) Cubes for His
Excellency (1997, Stepanakert) Marginal sayings (1998, Tehran)
Sarcophagus of full moon (2000, Beirut) The provided sagas from "haM"
interbook /2003, Stepanakert/

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