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The Literary Groong - 09/04/2004

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	Sunset In The Rain

	By Sara Margaryan

	Walking through the rain
	Towards the sun, the sun in its decline ? 
	Can you grasp a ray?
	Measuring the steps from home to woods ? 
	Woods with no end.
	Murmuring? the dead leaves,
	River beneath the slope,
	Tender yellow flower drops
	In the brownish dry leaf sea.

	Can you hear the rain
	On the tree crones?
	Can you name the bird above?
	Its song is its triumph,
	Triumph of the nature,
	Alive over the dead.

	Rainbow bleaks, tempts, disappears?
	Then it gracefully throws itself
	Behind the naked hills,
	Strikes the horizon 
	With its multi-coloredness 
	And gives way to the sleepiness of the sun.

	Sunset in the rain?
	Can you grasp it?
	Can you pass its chilliness, wetness and warmth
	To the ones you love?

	Stadtschlaining, Austria

Sara Margaryan graduated from the Yerevan State Linguistic University
and since 2001 she has been living and studying in Sweden. In May 2003
she graduated from the European Peace University, Stadtschlaining,
Austria. At present she studies towards a Master program in Asian
Studies, Lund, Sweden. Sphere of specialization is modern Japan.

Sara has been writing poetry since childhood. She's published one
book, in 1999, and is currently working on a second one. She writes
mainly in Russian, but also in Armenian and English.

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