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The Literary Groong - 04/24/2020


These things I shall do. Sing in Armenian.
Think in arguments undreamt by non-Armenians.
Do good and throw proceeds into the sea
Never look back, nor look beyond that sea
Look up to the North Star and show it the way
Never hesitate to seize the matter by the throat
Of the reverse argument’s crushing counterattack
Planned the night before, but easy breezy till the stroke.

Laugh hardily and often for tragedy is written in our stars
Give as if nothing needed belongs to you
Take one for every 100 you so give.
And joining hands with short, stout, hairy friends who come
From all diasporan corners to sing in Armenian and to dance
Let the ritual be rich in incense, robes, candle lit parades
Let our eagles rest on the peaks of snow-capped mountains
Hunting the vermin of their cannons and their tanks
chased by duduk meditations, Tufa monoliths, triumphant strength.

Bedros Afeyan
Pleasanton, CA

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