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Jerusalem Brotherhood of St. James elects 97th Patriarch, Abp. Nourhan Manougian

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January 25, 2013

By Mihran Toumajan

HE Abp. Nourhan Manougian
Abp. Nourhan Manougian
Abp. Nourhan Manoogian received 18 out of 33 votes
Abp. Aris Shirvanian received 15 out of 33 votes

It is incumbent upon the Armenian Apostolic Church, including its pious clergy and lay leadership, and the faithful at large to rally around, support, and pray for the 97th Patriarch-Elect (Undryal Badriark) of the Brotherhood of St. James, His Eminence Abp. Nourhan Manoogian (Note: When he becomes "Hasdadyal Badriark" in 40 days, then we can accurately address him as "His Beatitude"). He will need everyone's prayers, good wishes and support, in order to continue to safeguard the rights, privileges, and Status Quo of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem and its flock, and embark upon a new era of progress and development in such fields as education, publishing, construction/renovation, in addition to working on the rightful recovery of properties and assets in present-day Turkey which belong to the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem.


Dn. Mihran Toumajan
Los Angeles

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