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Master Pianist Sahan Arzruni Receives an Honorary Professorship from
Armenia's Komitas State Conservatory

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Entertainment Wire
May 22, 2009
By Chris Zakian


During a recent ceremony in Yerevan, the Komitas State Conservatory of
Armenia awarded the title of `Honorary Professor' to master pianist
Sahan Arzruni.

In accepting the diploma, Mr. Arzruni addressed the student body of
the Komitas State Conservatory, the premier musical education
institution in Armenia.  `Just as music is the life of our people, so
too is an institution like this one the foundry of our musical
culture,' he said.  It `nurtures within it the cultural warriors of
our nation, and assures us that the same best elements will continue,
and prosper, in the future - generation upon generation.'

Mr. Arzruni has been associated with the Conservatory since the
mid-1990s.  He has been the president of the state examinations, taken
part in the Khachaturian Competition, raised funds to repair musical
instruments, and has been instrumental in modernizing the library.

Following his stay in Yerevan, Mr. Arzruni traveled to Istanbul to
consult with his counterparts regarding the role the Armenian
community will play during the year-long festival of `Istanbul 2010:
Cultural Capital of Europe.'  As it happens, 2010 marks the 75th
anniversary of the death of Komitas Vartabed; according to
Mr. Arzruni, special attention will be devoted to his music through
performances, publications, and master classes.
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